Wide Plank Floors

Oak Rovere Veronese, Lightly Brushed and Varnished, 9.5 inches wide Wide Plank Floors from Tavolato Veneto

Tavolato Veneto wide plank floors are offered in various width and thickness to help consumers accomplish their design vision.

Our engineering systems allow us to manufacture boards as wide as 14 inches.

In the industry today, any board larger than 5 inches is technically classified as wide-plank flooring. Although there is a general idea the bigger the room the wider the planks, we noticed this trend is changing.

There are probably several reasons why. Modern and contemporary styles usually call for a more selector semi select grade of timber, which is not that easy to source for widths over 9 inches.

Another reason is that people have sometimes been inclined towards wider boards so that they would see fewer seams on their floor, but thanks to new technologies and milling precision the gaps between boards today have basically disappeared. (See our micro-bevel system)

Another popular trend today is mixed-width wide planks. Those floors were originally born out of necessity to utilize the most out of each log. Today instead they can be used to meet a multitude of designs and styles from traditional to contemporary. Usually, consist of three widths (5,7,9 inches example) where the wide-plank transition into the two narrower giving an elegant movement especially in larger open spaces.

And then our very favorites. Chevron and Herringbone. We believe those patterns will never go out of style. Chevron has often been admired in many old noble residences as well as in many elegant contemporary homes. We offer traditional 45 degrees as well as a wider angle for a less wavy and calmer overall look. View our wood flooring photo gallery or contact us if you would like more information on our quality Italian wood planks.