Micro-Bevel Milling for Easy & Precision Installation

Tavolato Veneto Italian Wood Flooring Micro-Beveling System for Precision Installation versus A Competitor Flooring Company Installation

So much goes into the milling process of a wood floor to achieve a perfect installation and better appreciate the aesthetics. This is why among many things, we dedicate a great deal of attention to our substrate, tongue and groove system and our micro bevels.

Allowing each board to flawlessly incorporate into one another will result in a perfectly even surface without seams. This, together with our state of the art micro bevel will translate in a masterfully tailored wood floor throughout.

Many of the industrially produced wood floors are often offered with an accentuated bevel to mostly hide mechanical imperfections that would otherwise be more noticeable once installed. Besides the unpleasant aesthetics, this also will allow dust and microbes to be collected in the gaps between each board which can later result in a health issue.

At Tavolato Veneto our mission is to guarantee refined exquisite surfaces while
educating consumers.

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