Naturally Dried Instead of UV

Natural Dry Wide Plank Italian Wood Flooring

Natural dry is an unhurried process that takes up to 36 hours and allows the oils to penetrate into the pores and fibers of the wood. This process forms a layer of protection from inside and making our flooring stain resistant and scratches and dents less noticeable.

A UV finish process instead is usually completed in about 15 minutes via the reaction triggered by Ultra Violet (UV) light which leaves the floor with only a film of protection that “sits” over the surface, but not into the wood.

Natural dry finish enables the richness and warmth of the wood, while UV finish have a less natural look that hides the natural movement of the veins.

Penetrating oils are usually plant based and ECO friendly (Tavolato Veneto uses Organic Oils), while UV oils generally contain solids. Wood floors with penetrating oils are easier to maintain (and repair if necessary) than those UV finished.

Naturally dried floors are typically made in small batches supported by a more effective quality control, while UV finished floors are usually produced in large quantities.

While a UV finish process allows to reduce time and cost of production, at Tavolato Veneto we only offer naturally dried finish floors as we believe they reveal a richer and more distinguished look besides guarantying a better performance over the time.

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